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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Post Ironic Era Image OF Alien Deity

Post Ironic Era Image OF Alien Deity
benjamin harubin 2020
26" x 27" x 4"
acrylic & marker on paper on masonite

did the (G)god(s) make us or did we make the (G)god(s)? where did it start? where did you start? the aliens are already here. they never not been here. they will never be here. we are the aliens, speaking through thousands channels of information through allspace. new perspective is alien. each window a world. we are one and all.
(as if, identifying an advanced extraterrestrial species, we could understand anything about them. their jokes zipping lightspeed criss the sky whoosh.)
there's not a secret book with the alien revelation. it's in all the books. it's in the shape of the spaces between the lines, the voids like worms waving up and down the pages.  you can see the robots crawling through compression artifacts sometimes, unaware of an orthogonal existence.  let them be.   be still like professional wildlife shadow people photographer and make friends with the .