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Saturday, September 21, 2013

mohr dream portals

part of a continuing series from 2007-2011 or thereabouts (recently rephotographed):

"Sewing Machine in a Roman Bath (on purpose)"
19" x 22" x 4"
acrylic and pencil on paper on bark construction

Do any students of Surrealism and Microbiology get the mixed metaphor in the title of the above piece?

"There's a fucking explanation for everything"
19" x 18" x 3"
acrylic and marker on wood construction

"the future is in another part of your brain"
29" x 21"
acrylic on wood construction

Thursday, September 19, 2013

dream portal dump

Long time between posts?  missing time.  revelations.  trials.  I'll fill it all in eventually.

This is a selection from the photographic record 
of some of my works from 2007 - 2009, during a residency in a luxurious basement studio (actually a great time) that i collectively call "dream portals".   
In many of them i used a technique that i call now "lucid drawing" in which the brain's pareidolic abilities are allowed to be transferred electrochemically into a durable dimension (that can be photographed).  
So indeed they are portals into alternate, ephemeral dimensions that are generally so barely glimpsed as to be instantly forgettable.  

You can imagine those Pleistocene hunters conversing with the shaman: "wait, you mean this shit is real?".

"...and the hunt was good, and we remember our hands, red ocher stained for weeks."

gate time half lock life star pig
21" x 36"
acrylic, crayon on wood construction
I C U scene Enuf
19" x 19"
acrylic on wood construction
privately owned

let me see planet
14" x 14"
acrylic and enamel on wood construction

triple XXXY theater presents the obvious results
20" x 19"
acrylic on wood construction

to no a veil
25" x 16"
acrylic, enamel on wood construction

HL machine vs PP eater
41" x 25"
acrylic on wood construction

ghostly encounters on the picture plane
30" x 30"
acrylic, wax, marker on wood construction
privately owned

11" x 7.5"
acrylic on wood construction

rewards of pretense
24" x 37"
acrylic, marker on wood construction

hooray for everything
37" x 19"
acrylic, enamel on wood construction

there's more in this series- I'll be posting some of them soon-