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Monday, October 28, 2019

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)

(STQ19(AE)-Table Setting)  -a Spontaneous Poetronic Concretion of the Post Post Modern Era 

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Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
benjamin harubin 2019
mixed media, found materials, acrylic paint
41" x 31" x 10"

Continuous Life Forms/
Memetic Evolution of the Noosphere

Happy Love is Happy
(insect emotion)

[the SHAMBOLIC COVER-UP that is Consensus Reality]

On the hollow hive planet ...signals from the core reflect signals from space. 

... creates a halo of shifted domains.  Pools of syntropy orbiting an energy nexus/ plasmoid complex.'s all in your brain, but everything IS your brain?  

but what is YOURS?  
when will OUR light reach a distant galaxy?
THE SKY talks to 
the trees talk to 
the light that talks to 
to ION.  
(it's information physics) 
my MINIBRAIN lens is a CONDUIT till the edge of the UNIVERSE
inside is an evaporating BLACK HOLE and more universes merging across BRANES.

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Northern Region

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Southern Region

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Eastern Corner

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Western Extension