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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nil Dimension Jam

"Nil Dimension Jam"
digital collage  12.64" x 8" low version   2012
I ask myself "am I mad?" and I realize that the only way that that question can be meaningfully answered is by a certified professional who specializes in the treatment of madness (whatever they call them nowadays).  Since that judgement has not as yet occurred (or I would be writing this from a different place), I must ask myself why I should even ask myself that question.  Is it a monitoring device of my brain to ensure social functionality?  Does it function to ensure compliance with society at large so that I don't get put away?  Or is it because I believe in irrational, invisible things and that having those beliefs is somehow disturbing?

In the body, the maintenance of sanity is called homeostasis.  This concept only exists because there is disturbance (insanity), as in "this is fucking crazy, blood sugar is so low!!"  If you were a pancreas, would you not feel that life was frantic?  It's just one darn crisis after another.  That's how you tell that something is alive: things are moving; it keeps waffling from one position to another.

Is anyone 100% in their beliefs?  Even Jesus was tempted by the Devil.  When the pollster comes to your door and asks you a question, do you then not pause for a second and wait for your own internal pollster to tally the results from your population of neurons?

Also, the question becomes meaningless if it includes the belief in irrational, invisible things because you have to have a standard of normalcy (aside from YOU of course) to define it.  And if you take your own informal poll of people out there, you will discover rampant belief in all kinds of irrational, invisible things, like Goodness and Democracy and Truth and Justice and Juggalo Love and Invisible Pink Unicorns, and that the voices in your head are coming from God.

This whole game must have some function.  How useful are your beliefs?  I won't discount sheer entertainment value, of course.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


digital collage   11.91" x 8"   2012
while I'm waiting for the paint to dry on some things, here's another digital collage.  This one itself is a tribute to digital collage- in the broadest sense, where, in the future, everyone will be 15% machine.  Talking, listening, watching and being watched by- you guessed it...