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Monday, November 18, 2019

biological interoperability

"biological interoperability"
electronic collage
original: 29.3 Mb
benjamin harubin 2016
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so much soup;
and intertwined agendas;
magnetic, electric, informational. 
when agency is evident everywhere,
does anyone have agency?

is the universe ok?
what have we made real
and compared to what?


Monday, October 28, 2019

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)

(STQ19(AE)-Table Setting)  -a Spontaneous Poetronic Concretion of the Post Post Modern Era 

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Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
benjamin harubin 2019
mixed media, found materials, acrylic paint
41" x 31" x 10"

Continuous Life Forms/
Memetic Evolution of the Noosphere

Happy Love is Happy
(insect emotion)

[the SHAMBOLIC COVER-UP that is Consensus Reality]

On the hollow hive planet ...signals from the core reflect signals from space. 

... creates a halo of shifted domains.  Pools of syntropy orbiting an energy nexus/ plasmoid complex.'s all in your brain, but everything IS your brain?  

but what is YOURS?  
when will OUR light reach a distant galaxy?
THE SKY talks to 
the trees talk to 
the light that talks to 
to ION.  
(it's information physics) 
my MINIBRAIN lens is a CONDUIT till the edge of the UNIVERSE
inside is an evaporating BLACK HOLE and more universes merging across BRANES.

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Northern Region

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Southern Region

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Eastern Corner

Continuous Life Forms (in Space)
Western Extension

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Incessant City

 (ode to David Royer using the Poetry Machine 5000)

"Incessant City"
35" x 17" x 6"
benjamin harubin 2019
found materials, paper, wood, plaster, acrylics





Everything is connected;
electrically, magnetically
and gravitationally.

Everything and Everyone
gets recycled and repurposed;
upcycled and downcycled.

"You" are the surface
of an expanding sphere
of electromagnetic
chemical information.
all human.


By accepting limits, failures and defeats,
we acknowledge that what lies beyond them as real.

The countries that are responsible
for the majority of ocean pollution
are the places the U.S.A. ships its Trash.

(we are embedded in the middle of a series of
hierarchical shells of informational complexity.)

Uroborus Batteries, Baby

Someone's rocking my dreamboat Someone's invading my dreams We were sailing along Peaceful and calm Suddenly something went wrong Someone's rocking my dreamboat Disturbing a beautiful dream But with love as my guide I'll follow the tide I'll keep sailing till i find you

benjamin harubin 2019

(this is part of series utilizing the Poetry Machine 5000, which is fueled by crusty A.I. plastic refuse buildup.  The PM5K works by utilizing broken deep learning fragments as soil to germinate vibrant new dreams.  This is a similar process to that of grinding harvested ocean plastic trash to make new printer filament.  And it runs on neonatal Uroborus Batteries. Thus it is mentally ecological and self-sustaining.)

Friday, January 25, 2019

REIFY (The Watching Thing of the North-West)

REIFY (The Watching Thing of the North-West)
benjamin harubin 2018
59" x 46"
acrylic, oil, latex on canvas

In the Night Land, creatures emerge from the ground; 
flashes and floaters in the sight, 
such as dots, spots, a circle, half moon, insect-like shapes, lines, films or cobwebs.  
Here they become elves and anthropomorphic toasters and radios and vacuums.
This is the endless dreaming creation:  all of art and science and politics.