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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Creatures Made in God's Infancy from 20th Century Artifacts Retrieved Via Time Machine Invented in the 33rd Century #44: The Myoote

"Creatures Made in God's Infancy from 20th Century Artifacts Retrieved Via Time Machine Invented in the 33rd Century #44:  The Myoote"
6" x 4"
benjamin harubin 2013
(in a private collection)

The Myoote is pronounced like "mute", although you can hear the selectrical energies and the dread babbling aftermath.   

(if you had a machine that could read people's thoughts, and you played it back to them, they might go mad, or more likely, insist that the machine is malfunctioning, picking up someone else's thoughts, or random computer generated nonsense.)

the size listed does not include the tail, which is longer than the observable universe is wide.*

*unconfirmed but probable, contingent upon method of measurement.   certainly information content, barring compression and converted to atomic length units, would exceed the OU. 


"Mega Insectoid Trans-Humanoid"
magazine collage and acrylic paint
8" x 10.5"
benjamin harubin 2011

in a horrifying nightmare/ecstatic drug trip,
i felt my face to be inside out.

the long branching tendrils of my existence trailing through time
the pulsing messy pipes, tangled neurons, rubbery blood hoses,
the grubby hands sweating, multi-armed monstrosity,
gravity gluing me down, down,
down through the earth,
to the bloody egg oil mineral muck

the sound of thousand millions of machines
the roar of crushing atmospheres
a billion times the mass of the sun
a sound so great no organ can image it...

it's ok. it's ok now. just a day like any other.
just a flashing flashing back to the day before birth.