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Monday, July 14, 2014


acrylic, enamel and collage on wood
24" diameter
benjamin harubin 2014



Is the perception of a conscious "I" an illusion hopelessly trapped in the (millisecond) past?


The EyeSection Seconds...


maybe i'll let David M. Eagleman grab the mike:

from the article BRAIN TIME:  (via Edge)

"But there is a deeper challenge the brain must tackle, without which feature-binding would rarely be possible. This is the problem of temporalbinding: the assignment of the correct timing of events in the world. The challenge is that different stimulus features move through different processing streams and are processed at different speeds. The brain must account for speed disparities between and within its various sensory channels if it is to determine the timing relationships of features in the world."


"We have recently discovered that a deficit in temporal order judgments may underlie some of the hallmark symptoms of schizophrenia, such as misattributions of credit ("My hand moved, but I didn't move it") and auditory hallucinations, which may be an order reversal of the generation and hearing of normal internal monolog."

The point being that all these kinds of processing must occur with various numbers of interneuronal steps. each in its own time. surely this must present a problem- a disorderly sea of ticking clocks. how is the sensation of a unified sense of self embedded in a unitary "now" achieved?